Body Shapes for Men

Men are as diverse in shape as us ladies, and have equally as bad hang ups about it. T&S have addressed issues such as man boobs, pot bellies, skinny blokes, and big blokes, so I thought why not try and devise some categories for the boys.

Lucky for you fellas, it takes a lot less explaining than for us girls, and once again you too may be a combination of these traits.

Do I really need to explain it? You probably eat like a horse and yet still look like Tom Hanks by the end of Castaway. You probably find it difficult to build substantial muscle too, and may feel weedy next to your more muscular bros. Slim celebrity blokes include The Amazing Spiderman himself, Andrew Garfield, and the sexy doctor, David Tennant.

Broad Shouldered
Think Thor. Your shoulders are much wider than your hips, and you probably find yourself buying your suit jacket several sizes larger than the pants. Broad Celebrity blokes include The Avengers' Chris Hemsworth, and olympian Michael Phelps.

Short Torso Long Legs
Your legs are much longer than your torso. Your tie always looks too long, and you're always getting your sleeves in your food. You may then find that your pants are just never long enough and your average sport coat covers your ass. Short bodied celebrity blokes include Jackass' Johnny Knoxville.

Long Torso Short Legs
Your pants are always too long and your shirt is always coming untucked. Your tie looks ridiculously short and so do those wrists likely protruding from the ends of your too short sleeves. Celebrity bros with the long bod include The A-Team's Bradley Cooper.

The Belly
You're constantly paranoid that your buttons might come undone around your mid section, and you might not feel up to taking off your shirt at the beach. Just because you have a belly doesn't mean you're unfit, some guys are just built that way and I tell you what lads, while we might like the look of the Joe Manganiellos of the world, there's nothing comfy about snuggling up to a stone every night - we like our cuddly man-teddies! Celebrity bellies include the Hangover's Zach Galifanakis, and the worlds strongest man, Mark Henry.

Man Boobs
Often but not always seen with the belly, you also aren't keen on going shirtless, and may try to cover up your chest area with jackets, or oversized shirts. Celebrities sporting man boobs include funny man Kevin James, and everyones favourite anti-christ Ricky Gervais.

The Muscles
By nature or by effort, you got the gun show going on. You probably have to buy your shirts a few sizes bigger just to get your arms in the sleeves, or the collar done up, or you might just give up all together and wear muscle shirts - why not? You might also be muscular in the thighs and derriere making getting pants a bit awkward. Celebrity muscle men include True Blood's Joe Manganiello, Triple H, and Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson.

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