Friday, 28 September 2012

Excuses Part II: I can't work out because...

So time for excuses part two! Think you have an excuse not to work out? Think again!

Part II: Excuses for not working out

Excuse one:  "I can't train today, my <body part here> hurts"

Bollocks - unless it's maybe your back - but even still there is always options. Legs hurt? Train your upper body. Arms hurt? Guess what? Train your lower body! Back hurts? Pool session or low intensity exercise. If it isn't an unusual pain like I've talked about before, then suck it up princess.

Pain is an excuse that feels legitimate because we can actually feel it. Yet, professional athletes all around the world train through that pain every day. Do you think Billy Slater feels like getting up and training after all those heavy hits he cops every weekend? Do you think that it doesn't hurt? Of course it does, but it doesn't excuse him from doing his job and getting up and training every day. If you have a sore finger, or a paper cut, do you not go to work that day because it would hurt to type? No. You get up, you get dressed, and JFDI.

Excuse two: "I'm too tired"

Okay, so it sucks when you don't have the energy to train. I get this all the time, and it is SO easy to use it as an excuse to do nothing. I'm chronically iron deficient, so I have days where I am literally too weak to pick up my own kids, but on those days I still try and do something. I look at what else I need to get done, cleaning maybe, pooper scooping the yard, washing, and I use that as my exercise and kill two birds with one stone. It's amazing how many calories you burn if you throw the pegs on the ground and have to squat/burpee/lunge to pick them up. There is always something that you can do.

"The Procrastination Flowchart" from a friend's Facebook.
Sorry about the language but it is so funny and so true!
Like Mish says, do you think people aren't tired getting up at 4am to go running? Do you think they feel like it? Of course not! But get up and do it and you might just find it gives you energy and makes you feel invigorated. If I can do something on a low day, then you can too it's all about how badly you want it.

Excuse three: "It's too hot/cold"

If you live in the south and think it's too hot, come and see the hoards of men and women hiking up Castle Hill here in Townsville every morning. If it isn't too hot here, it's not too hot there. It's too hot is a very poor excuse in this day and age. Go swimming, do bikram yoga, dance like a crazy person under a cold shower, or here's a thought - turn on the fan or air conditioning! If it's too cold that's even more of a reason TO exercise and warm yourself up! This one is just a cop out, don't give in to it!

Excuse four: "I'm sick"

How sick are we talking here? Cold? Flu? Violent gastro? Scarlet fever? Flesh eating parasite? Unless your doctor has explicitly told you not to exert yourself, or you have been hospitalised, there is probably some form of light exercise you can do when you're sick. Go for a walk and get some fresh air, do something light and relaxing like a yoga DVD or some tai chi. Exercising when you're sick can even improve your recovery, but if it's bad enough you've had to go to the doctor, make sure to ask them their professional opinion, but chances are you will be able to do something.

The only reason you can't work out outside of serious illness/injury, emergencies, or natural disaster is because you don't want to. If you need an excuse at least be honest with yourself and admit today you can't work out because you do not want to. 


Monday, 24 September 2012

Sunday 10: Trends I wish would never see the light of day again!

Okay, so most people who were alive and old enough to remember the 80s can definitely guess what's coming. Fashion is a beast that constantly evolves, and sometimes it means updating snippets of the past. Sometimes those snippets are welcome...sometimes they make us cringe. These are those trends.

10) The Mullet. Do I need to say why? This would have to be one of the worst things to happen to hair since male pattern baldness.

9) Fluro/neon. Not always awful, but it is huge this season. The reason why I hate that this has come back is because it is so easy to do wrong, that just the population as a whole cannot be trusted with it! Particularly teenagers!

8) Acid Wash. Oh 1980's do us all a favour and keep your acid wash jeans.

7) Members only jackets. You know who should wear these? The cast of Grease. Nobody else. They do nothing for anyone!

6) Leotards on the outside. I don't care how good Jane Fonda made it look, it still never should have happened. Especially with leg warmers and a belt. Especially in fluro. No. Just no.

5) Short shorts for men. Think back to the 70s when even men got away with hot pants. Never again please! The only place those short shorts should be regular fare is the AFL field. I don't need to see a bloke's pubes protruding from the bottom of his shorts.

4) Bike shorts as pants. This was big when I was a kid in the 90s, the bike shorts and t-shirt as regular fare. Honestly, I am guilty of this one, but in my defence I was a child! Keep it at the gym people. Never again.

3) The porn star moustache. Think Magnum P.I. The only time a mo of this caliber should be seen is for Movember.

2) Ruffled cravats. Austin Powers is quite possibly the only character to get away with this, and that's because he isn't real.

1) Heeled sneakers AND Ugg boots in public. I would do dark and dirty things so that high heeled sneakers would never see the light of day ever again. Why do they need to exist? They don't! Sneakers are for working out, stalking celebrities, and gardening... oh and SNEAKING. Have you ever heard anyone successfully sneak in heels? Seriously if your outfit warrants heels, just get real ones like a normal person.

And as for ugg boots, they are called UGGs for a reason, they are ugly. Australia invented uggs and we invented them to be worn at home the way all slippers were intended to be worn!

So sorry for the delay AGAIN this week but thanks to a loan from the bank of Dad, I am back online properly now! I bought a new charger Friday (forgetting that it was iPhone day it was a mission given I have a Macbook so had to go to Next Byte!) but it wasn't enough! However, I couldn't be offline for the Emmys, so I had to sort it out right away!

Oh, speaking of the Emmys, next Sunday will be a huge Sunday 10, in fact it will be a Sunday 20 of my best and worst looks from the Emmys Red Carpet!


Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The best Wednesday of my life! Oh, and I'm back online...for now!

Okay so business first, my computer managed to charge overnight and it looks like it needs a new battery and charger which I will need to save for big time! I will postpone my vodcast from this week to next week.

Anyway now that that's out of the way!

Today as you all know is Wednesday weigh in day, and this week is also the 4th week of 12WBT - mini milestone time! Not only have I lost 1kg in the last week, I have also moved from an obese BMI rating to overweight. It's a very momentous day for me as this is the first time since falling pregnant that I've been out of the obese category! I've also lost over 27cm over all which really is the main thing and my waistline is under 100cm for the first time again, since falling pregnant! All that hard work is paying off where it counts and I am so phenomenally stoked!

Also, my little blog here got in the top 20 for last week's weekly surprise! Special thank you to Kath for nominating me, and thank you to all of you, my readers, followers, and random stumblers for giving me the drive to keep blogging! You guys should all check out Kath's blog, Kath Will Be, which can be found on my links page. It's wonderfully interactive and inspiring so please stop by and check it out!

Think this picture sums up my Wednesday pretty well! Good old Nike!

The Townsville crew is also going on an awesome geocaching adventure (complete with bats and bugs) this Saturday for the week 4 mini milestone task. I'm pretty proud of myself for taking the initiative and suggesting the idea, and organising the event, but I'm also super nervous to meet everyone and just because I haven't done anything like this in so long! But, it's time to challenge our bodies, our minds, and our comfort zones and JFDI! Keep an eye out for the recap - complete with photo's of course!


Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Technical Difficulties, argh!

So my computer had decided that it doesn't want to charge anymore so unfortunately I will have to postpone today's Tubesday vodcast :(

And since I only have blogger mobile I will be a bit quieter until I get my computer diagnosed which will hopefully be sorted tomorrow! So much cool stuff happening this week why now?!


Sunday, 16 September 2012

The Sunday 10: Reasons why suits are sexy (on men and women)

Time for my fashion Sunday 10! This week I have my top 10 reasons why suits are sexy - on everyone! So let's get into it!

10) There is something about a suit that exudes status, power, wealth, and authority. A well tailored and styled suit can make you top dog in the board room, and can be the difference between getting the job or losing out to someone else...likely a person in a great suit!

9) They can take you from work to a night out on the town. Ladies swap your work top for something a little more glam, or if you're feeling daring, just go with a sexy bustier under the jacket. Fellas you can take off the tie, or button down the shirt to reveal a fun tee underneath.

8) You don't have to wear it all at once. You can take the jacket and wear it with jeans, you can take the pants and wear it with just your business shirt sans tie, or a great bow neck blouse. You can even take the vest of a three piece and go for a geek chic look with a striped collar shirt and bow tie. When you buy a suit, you are buying 2-3 essential pieces that you can mix and match through your wardrobe.

7) They leave just enough for the imagination. Suits are made to flatter you, to hug curves, broaden shoulders, and make you feel like you've got a superman suit on underneath. Couple it with the status that a suit gives you, and you have instant sex appeal. People just want to know what you're packing under there!

6) No matter what your fashion tribe, there is a style of suit to suit your personality. Be it clean cut and preppy, far out with a crazy pattern, or rough and tumble and a bit rock n' roll, you can make it your own, and showing your personality off is just as sexy as showing off your ta-ta's or muscles!

5) Like the empire line, this is timeless. Humphrey Bogart did it in the 30's and it was sexy, Sean Connery did it in the 60s, and it was still sexy, Harrison Ford and Dennis Quaid did it in the 70s and 80s and yup still sexy! Then even women started doing it like Sharon Stone and Cher, and today we still see some of the sexiest stars alive sporting a simple, yet elegant suit. A good suit will last you a lifetime and help you hold onto your mojo for years to come.

4) Now this one is a little bit naughty but what would this list be without some naughtiness! Suits are fun for your partner to take off, or maybe even for you to take off for your partner! The untying of the tie, the slowly undoing (or not so slowly undoing!) of buttons, removing all those layers is ready made foreplay, no matter how you do it. 

3) The suit does the work for you. All these things above boil down to one thing: built in sexy. From the accentuating of your shape, to the allure and power, to the built in foreplay, all the work is done by the suit. All you have to do is work it!

2) There is a suit to suit everyone. No matter what your shape, height, size, or colouring, there is a suit out there for you.

1) Just look at it! Look at this...                                  

...and this...
Need I really say more? There's a reason why it's James Bond's true weapon of choice.

I apologise for the delay this week too, I was having some technical difficulties! Next weeks Sunday 10: The top 10 trends I hope never make a come back (but probably will or already have!)


Saturday, 15 September 2012

Coming Soon: Tubesday!

So I have been thinking about it for a while and I would really like to do a weekly video about something important to do with body image, health, self esteem, or something along those lines. I have decided to do them on Tuesdays and call it Tubesday (ba-doom-doom-cha).

From time to time I might even get some of my friends to help me out, if they're willing, especially for videos about body shape. 

So this means of course I'll be creating a Youtube channel at some point too for you to subscribe to, and am also making a Facebook page to make it easier for you to follow and share the blog online.

So while I get to work on my first video (my Saturday nights are just a mile a minute, huh?) think about the kind of things you would like me to address in these videos.

My first vodcast will (hopefully) be this Tubesday the 18th of September, and I will be talking about something extremely important to me, and that's talking to your kids about body confidence.

I hope I don't have a face for radio!


Friday, 14 September 2012

R U OK? Day

So yesterday was R U OK? Day here in Australia, a day dedicated to asking all your friends and family the question, with the aim of preventing suicide and promoting good mental health. I have noticed something about this day though, and it's that it seems to really confirm the fact that misery loves company. Sometimes the last thing you want if you're not quite OK, is someone to ask if you are, even if you're not considering taking your own life! 

What I observed yesterday was that most people I know are really just getting by. They're OK, but some aren't necessarily good, most not great. They're not ready to kill themselves, but they could be better. They could be healthier, they could be happier in their career, or they could just do with a little extra money like me. That made me not so OK to know that.

I also observed that there was a seriously bad ju-ju going around the whole day yesterday, and I can't help but think it was everyone's inner misery guts being invited out to play. Maybe it was everyone being forced to actually ask themselves if they're OK, even if nobody else did, but whatever it was, it seemed that literally everyone was having a bad day.

I was feeling really crap yesterday too, hence the lack of bloggage. It was pay day, and once again once the bills were all paid and all the calls were made to the billers about how I needed a payment arrangement because I'm too poor to pay it all at once, I realised exactly how crap we are doing financially. Really I knew it already but when I went to the store to buy a set of digital scales and couldn't even afford to spend $20 on it, well let's just say thank heavens nobody was there to ask me if I was OK, because I would have broken down into a blubbering, snivelling mess who didn't have any tissues in her bag. I went to visit some friends which perked me up a little, but by the time I then went to the physio and handed over more money I really didn't have (in exchange for more bad news but that's another story), and stopped for petrol at a disgusting price, I was back in the land of not being able to afford digital scales. Then, I got home to find something wonderful had happened.

I had a missed call from my good friend - maybe even my best friend - here in Townsville, with a voicemail saying she'd dropped by but I wasn't home, and she'd left a surprise for me at the door. I went and checked, and there hiding behind the esky/chilly-bin/cooler (take your pick) was a set of very stylish, but simple, digital bathroom scales. At first I freaked out because I panicked that I couldn't pay her back, but then I just was so grateful I cried! I couldn't even pick up the phone to call and say thank you, so I had to do it over Facebook! I never would have thought a simple set of scales could mean so much to me.

Later that night it got me thinking, that maybe after getting everybody so down on R U OK? Day, the day immediately following should be Random Act of Kindness Day, to perk up all those people who weren't suicidal but not quite OK either. 

So for all my Aussie readers, maybe sometime over the next week, if you can, do something nice for those friends and family who are just doing it a little tough, because I think we could all use a pick me up after yesterday!

And for all my other readers around the world - in the US, UK, Germany, China, and South Korea so Blogger stats informs me - don't forget to take the time to check in on your friends and family and ask them "R U OK?" and follow it up with a random act of kindness. You never know, you might just reassure someone that everything will be okay, or you even might save a life.


Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Screw the scales, the tape measure is where it's at!

So today is a pretty momentous day in my 12WBT journey - my first loss on the scales! I was very happy this morning to see 1-1.5kg gone - it's hard to tell on my old school dial scales! Last week I was so disappointed to see no change, and the week before that it was the same. But does it really matter what I actually weigh? Is that why I am really doing this? 

Pfft, hell no! It matters what size I am. It matters that my stomach is getting flatter, my arms less flabby, my legs more toned. What really matters is what the tape measure tells me. I am doing this to fit into my size 8-10 clothes again.

So what has the tape measure told me so far? I've lost 4cm of my tummy, 3cm off each leg, 3cm off one arm and 4cm off the other. That is now I know this is working.

There are people who get let down by their scales, and they get all mopey and depressed. To those people I say grab your tape measure, because let's be honest, you're doing this be smaller. I'm not saying the weight doesn't matter, I'm just saying there is more to it than what you read on the scales.

I know we're not supposed to measure in between milestones, but I know what it's like to see no change on the scales, and sometimes the number on the tape measure is just the kick you need.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Excuses: Part I: "I can't make it because..."

Excuses are something that Mish hates. We make them for everything, why we don't want to work out, why we should stop at McDonalds, why we can't go out tonight, and why we can't attend events and appointments. My husband even makes them for why he won't get off the couch and go to the toilet before he craps all over it.

I remember when I was in year 6, we had to make an excuse jar, full of excuses for different things. I colour coded mine (because that's how I roll) into homework, going to school, practicing music, and going to swimming training. I had excuses for everything. I can't help but think that one piece of homework all those years ago has held me back somehow.

I'm like the Hannibal Smith of excuses. Give me a minute I'm good, give me an hour, I'm great, give me all day, I'm infallible. I can pull a believable excuse out of my ass in a matter of seconds. When I was a kid it was just nature, kids don't want to play violin, or eat pumpkin and mashed potato, but now, it's like a disease.

The only person excuses hold back is you, so I'm going to look into the kinds of excuses people make for various things, and what you can do about it when you feel an excuse attack coming on.

Part I: Excuses for not going somewhere

Sometimes you just don't feel like leaving the house. It could be for a legitimate reason, such as being sick or injured, or being concerned about leaving someone who isn't doing so crash hot themselves. Sometimes you literally can't leave the house, like you're waiting for a delivery or a guest, you don't have the means to get to where you need to go, or you have nobody to look after the kids but you also can't bring them with you. Then there are the times you just wont leave the house. That is what we are going to discuss now.

Excuse number one: "I'm too tired"

Now don't get me wrong, at the end of a long day, going for a night out with that crazy friend who always manages to go on Harold and Kumar style misadventures seems daunting, and maybe you are too tired to last the whole night. Here is the thing though: You don't have to. You are an adult. You can stop drinking when you want, and you can leave when you want. You can stand up to your crazy friend. Chances are they're not going to remember it anyway. Chances also are that you had plenty of notice, and you can probably squeeze in a quick Nanna nap or a coffee in there somewhere to perk you up.

Sometimes you might just feel like you're too tired and a night out on the town, or lunch with friends is exactly the pick me up you need. Do you really want to miss out on that? Once again it comes down to being an adult, and knowing you can leave when you like.

Excuse number two: "I'm too busy" / "I have too much to do around the house"

Sometimes this might be true, I know my Mum is one of these busy people, but are you really that busy? Are you so busy you can't take 30min to have coffee with a friend, or go to the gym, or go for a walk/run? This comes down to being organised. Get a date book, use the calendar on your phone, make yourself a timetable like you had in high school, and allocate time for anything that might pop up.  Working out, last minute catch ups, this time could even come in handy for emergencies with the kids. The fact of the matter is that whatever you have to do at home will be there after the gym is closed, after the cafe is closed, and after the sun is down. The dishes will still be there, along with the dirty floor, or the cat's litter box. Seize the day and live a little.

Excuse number three: "I can't go, I have nothing to wear."

This is what I honestly believe all these excuses really mean sometimes. We've all had the feeling. You've tried everything on in your wardrobe and nothing fits, nothing is flattering, nothing looks good and you just want to curl up in a ball and cry. Unlike the first two excuses, this one might not be so easy to solve, and it hurts because it speaks a greater truth about you. When you go to the wardrobe and get this feeling, it can make you feel not worthy of going out for a night on the town, or make you scared even to go to places like the gym or pool for fear of looking inferior to the other, fitter people there. It reminds you of your dissatisfaction with yourself.

Well you know what? You aren't going to improve by avoiding the gym because you're afraid your outfit makes you look fat. In fact, it's a good reason to get out and go shopping! Go and find 3 outfits that make you feel a billion dollars. A casual one, something for working out, and something for going out on the town. Something that as soon as you put it on you feel like Elle McPherson. Then, on those days you feel like you just don't have anything to wear, you don't have the excuse because in that wardrobe there is a failsafe outfit that will make you feel good, and give you the confidence to get out there.

Next time you find yourself making an excuse, open you wallet and put some coin in an excuses jar. If you find you're poorer by the end of the week, then you'll know where you need to improve!


Monday, 10 September 2012

Pushing through the pain

So I keep seeing on the 12WBT forums people (myself included) asking about all kinds of pain. Foot pain, knee pain, ankle pain, back pain, muscle pain, shin pain, etc. So many people say to 'push through the pain' but at what point do we actually stop and say "hang on, this just doesn't feel right"? 

Pain is my middle name. I'm the queen of pain. I have a bad back, a bad ankle, a bad knee, flat feet, and a manky shoulder, and every day I find myself having to put up with some kind of pain. I have lengthy conversations with my 89 year old Nanna about which anti-inflams are best and what the best thing is to rub into aches and pains (by the way, it's called Rapidgel, and technically its only for dogs and horses but it is amazing and you get it from the pet store). I'm 22, it's just not right! I have learnt the hard way what kind of pain I should push through and what kind of pain I shouldn't.

For years I pushed through pain as a swimmer, mostly your regular aches and sore muscles, period pain, headaches, the usual. Then I took up field hockey. I started to push through every hard hit, twisted ankle, broken knuckle, and torn muscle. I even tried to push through a broken knee cap when I was 15, but simple biomechanics made that choice for me in the end. My first lesson should have come when I was 16 and badly twisted my ankle playing touch football in PE, mildly tearing both a ligament and tendon. But a visiting hockey team from England was coming in 4 weeks time, so I couldn't stay off it for the 8 weeks my doctor recommended. Game day came and I strapped my ankle within an inch of its life and played anyway. "Footy players do it all the time" I told myself. It hurt but I kept going, played a full game and a great one at that. My ankle however, was worse than ever, black and blue and swollen like a grapefruit, and now covered in a hideous rash since I am allergic to strapping tape adhesive. It still hurt 16 weeks after the original injury.

At the following season, I did it again. This is a couple of weeks after the incident of the broken knuckle, which I kept playing with. This time I listened, but only because my parents refused to drive me to the games unless my stick bag, shoes, and uniform were prominently displayed as being not in the car. The minute those 8 weeks were up, I was back on the field even though it still hurt badly, because I was always told to "push through the pain."

I managed to go incident free until my second year of university while playing for UQ. I tore my vastus intermedius muscle, which is the deep lying muscle in the quadriceps. I managed to do it up very high near the attachment point, and my physiotherapist was impressed but not able to do much for me. This time I rested, but once again it was because I was in so much pain that the choice was made for me.

Then it came time for my now husband, then boyfriend, to go to Kapooka. I joined a 24hr gym, and would go for sometimes 3 hours a night. I couldn't sleep at night so I would just hit the treadmill hard and try and lose myself in the repetition. I would even go after game day and training. Then my legs started to hurt. At first it was my ankle and I thought it was just old ghosts coming to haunt me, but then it spread, then it was both legs. I pushed through it, no pain no gain, and kept pushing, and pushing like a woman in labour. Then came the night at training where I collapsed while running because my legs just gave way.

My doctor referred me to a musculoskeletal therapist, who immediately ordered bone scans, rest, and acupuncture. By this point I could barely stand the walk from Central station in Brisbane to my office in Cathedral square. Less than 1km. When my bone scans came back, my doctor said that of all his 40+ years treating injuries, he had never seen shin splints like mine. I was ordered to 2-4 months rest, I wasn't even allowed to do more than walk to my office, and around the shops. Finally my wake up call had arrived. At the end of my rest period, I was still in pain, and still am when I run to this day.

Sometimes pain is weakness. Sometimes you should push through it. But if any of the words you use to describe it include: stabbing, throbbing, burning, pulsating, or shock-like, stop and book in to your GP, chiropractor, physiotherapist, or podiatrist.

The bottom line is, if the pain is unusual, or unnatural, STOP.


Sunday, 9 September 2012

The Sunday 10: 10 things I love about the empire line

So I feel like I have hardly written anything about fashion lately, and thought I should do a weekly spotlight on one of my favourite art forms. Each week I want to do a Letterman-esque list of my top 10 of the week. It could be 10 things I love about something, 10 things I hate about something, 10 reasons to do or not do something, or just 10 funny things about what happened this week in fashion.

Coming into the warmer months, there is one style that is everyone's best friend: the empire line. No matter if you are big or small, tall or short, blessed in breast or heaped with hips, you just cannot go wrong with this cut! So this week, I bring you 10 things I love about the empire line.

10) You can find it anywhere. Literally, anywhere in the world! From Darwin to Dubai, from St. Petersburg to Buenos Ares, this style will be in a store near you!

9)   It's easy to make yourself if you can't find the exact right pattern or fabric.

8)   It can be brought out for any occasion, formal, casual and anywhere in between.

7)   You can give it any neckline you like, it can be strapless with a straight or sweetheart neckline, it could be a halter, one shouldered, a deep-v, it could even be high collared and styled with a statement necklace for those of less ample chest, but the sky is the limit and I love it!

6)   You can wear it in any season. It doesn't have to be summer, an amazing empire line blouse can be worn with jeans and a great jacket in winter.

5)   It suits women of all ages, and is timeless. There's a reason that the ancients wore it 5,000 years ago, and people are still wearing it now. This style is the definition of timeless, but if you style it correctly it can be so fashion forward people may think you've been for a ride in the Tardis.

4)   It is the best friend of pregnant women everywhere. Nothing will skim over that baby belly yet flatter what are becoming your best assets like an empire line top or dress.

Natalie Portman shows pregnancy can be glamourous 
in an empire line gown at the 2011 Academy Awards. 
She's showing off those new assets and the  fabric 
gently glides over her baby bump.
3) It's comfortable! So many people tell me that they can't wear a style because it's too uncomfortable. To those people I say...EMPIRE LINE! 

2) If done right, it suits and flatters all body types and sizes, and it's SO easy to get right!

1) It will make you feel great in your own skin. The best thing about any empire line style is that no matter if you are having a fat day or not, or if you feel a little bloated or just feel down, you can always put on your empire line dress and look in the mirror and feel good about yourself!

You can even do it with sleeves! The v-neck here 
also divides Melissa McCarthy's chest into 3 sections, 
slimming out her upper torso, while the empire line 
cinches in to accentuate her waist. The aubergine hue is 
perfect for her skin tone and add the statement necklace 
and she's ready to go!
So next time you are feeling flat, or looking for a new addition to your wardrobe, look for the empire line. For those with large breasts, avoid styles that are high in the neckline, by covering your puppies with all that fabric you will make your chest look massive and undo all the hard work this style does to flatter your body. Instead, look for a sweetheart, or v-neck style to flatter and or show off the girls. For those who struggle in the chest department it's more about avoiding making it too well known that there isn't much going on there. Lucky for you girls though, you can pretty much rock any style of this cut with the help of chicken fillets, and even work the deep-v with the help of some hollywood tape. This summer, the statement necklace is still so on trend, and looks great with a messy up do to keep your hair from sticking in unsightly places, perfect for summer. Pair with a few thin bangles and a fringed bag to add a little bohemian charm to your look. This style really is the look for women of all shapes and sizes.

So there you have it, 10 things I love about the empire line, and a couple of quick tips on how to wear it. 

Next week: 10 reasons why suits are sexy (on men and women)


Saturday, 8 September 2012


I was watching Fashion Police the other day and a show came on after it called 'Ruby.' I had no idea what it was about, but I also had no idea where the remote was and my feet were sore from my morning workout, so I thought why not.

This show is about an American woman named Ruby Gettinger from Savannah, Georgia, who used to weigh over 500lbs (226kgs), and who has undergone a complete lifestyle change to lose weight and become healthier and happier. She also doesn't remember anything before she was 13 except her immediate family, and a doctor. Not only has she worked hard to lose weight, now down around 330lbs, but she is trying to remember her past and find out what happened back then that would have made her forget.

I saw this courageous woman walk into a buffet in Mississippi full of deep fried southern food, and make the healthiest choice possible, and then stop at one plate. Her friends and family were so proud of her and you could tell that she was proud she made the right choice. It was hard with everyone around her having fried chicken and chips, but she did it anyway, and she did it for Ruby. They were also able to finally do up her seatbelt without the need for an extension for the first time, and it really put in perspective for me how the little wins always count. It was so moving to see how much such an everyday action could mean so much to someone.

I only wish I had Ruby's will power! I have been completely sucked in to her story and am finding her journey inspirational it's crazy. Her family and friends are so supportive of her and it's just amazing to see what is possible if you truly want it.

Unfortunately her show only airs on Foxtel on the Style channel, so check your listings for those who have access to it, it is well worth a watch. If not, check sites like Sidereel for online streaming.

And to Ruby, wherever you are, go you good thing! You are an inspiration and a great role model for anyone who wants to change their lifestyle for the better, both men and women. Ma'am, I salute you!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

My 12WBT Inspiration Board

So I thought I would share my inspiration board with everyone, because I think it's pretty awesome!

All of the things I want revolve around my family who I want to do them for. I want to get my butt back in those shorts so my husband can be proud to show me off again, and I want to be healthier so I can be in it for the long run for my girls, to see them graduate high school and maybe even university or Tafe.

I used to be so fit, and fast! I used to be able to climb mountains, and run for hours on end and I want it back. I want all the abilities and looks of the old me, with the new attitudes and habits that I am beginning to form, and I want to put them all into the new me. Something old, something new!

I also have on my board my big sister and a couple of her before and after pictures (I hope she doesn't mind!) because after all, she is the one who gave me the confidence to do all of this in the first place, so it would all be a waste of time if she wasn't on my board too.

You're probably wondering about 'NYC Maccas Free.' Our first big family trip we would like to make is to take the kids to Disneyworld, and to New York City for Christmas. I've added a new goal to it which is to go to the USA and keep it Maccas free. I will allow myself a taste test of a cheeseburger as it is my tradition everywhere I go to try a cheeseburger and see which city in the world has the best tasting McDonalds, but a bit should do it, I don't need the whole burger.

So there is my board, I hope you all like it!