My 12WBT Journey

My Tracker! 

November 21st 2012

Day 3, first weigh in of Round 4 and I'm only 300g down, which was a little disappointing seeing how hard I've been working, but I've also really upped my strength training routine so I think it may be a bit of muscle building going on because I have dropped centimetres off my body in the last week. 

November 20th 2012

Day 2, smashed it! I have noticed that the accelerator days implemented last round seem to give me way more energy than regular days, so I have decided to keep them in effect and make this also my SSS day seeing as how it's the only day I actually have enough energy to do a SSS! And today I totally smashed it! Ended up 5cal short so I danced around the living room like a twat for a minute because I couldn't just leave it a 995cal! Not when I was so close! If Mish found out I'd never live it down! Here's to day 3 and the first weigh in!

November 19th 2012

So today marks the start of Round 4! I met with another Townsville Crew member Catie this morning so she could help me out with my run. I was quite disappointed to find it was almost 2min slower than my last one in week 4 of Round 3 (that hip injury prevented me from running in week 8). The thing is though I know I can do better because I have done better just a few weeks ago! I know 7.02 is still a great time for someone who doesn't run/shouldn't run, but I know I can do it in at least 5.14! My other fitness test results have improved or at least not gotten worse in the case of the wall sit, so that's positive. Thankyou so much Catie for running along with me and giving me a push :) So I'm going to start off at an intermediate level, and hopefully move on to advanced lean and strong by the end of the round - eek!

***START OF ROUND 4 2012***

November 16th 2012

So a little bit of strangeness - my 1km run time trial for end Round 3/start Round 4, was 2 min slower than my first one of Round 3, and almost 3 min slower than my week 8 Round 3 time. I have no idea why this is...perhaps it's because I did it during the day and not on a dark oval where it is easier to pretend beasties are chasing me. In other news, I fell asleep at the end of my Chiball workout today. I thought "oh I'll just stay here for a while and breathe a little"...20min later I woke up thanks to my cat kneading my butt, and with my face in a puddle of my own drool. They can't say it isn't relaxing that's for sure!

***END OF ROUND 3 2012***

November 14th 2012

Wow, wow, wow! Go me! 2.1kg down in a week and feeling foxy, fine, and fantastic! BRING IT ROUND 4!!!

November 7th 2012

Down to bang on 73kg today! Slow and steady wins the race! I am struggling badly with energy levels though, I might go and get my iron checked again soon for round 4, it is becoming debilitating again like it was at the start of the year and now that it's getting very hot here I see it being a BIG problem when it comes to exercise. Might be time to look into B12 shots to increase my absorption chances...

October 31st 2012

Happy Halloween! Well, not so great here, only 200g down but it is "that time." My parents are visiting from Brisbane so hopefully there are no blow outs this week!

October 25th 2012

Weigh in Wednesday was yesterday and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! After thinking I had done really badly the last week having to put aside good food choices a few times and go with what we had in the house, I was stoked to see a 700g loss on the scales! I'm hoping next week will be the same, it would be a lovely early birthday present indeed! I am finding it harder to cope with the eating because I can't afford to buy that much food - my husband and I had often been just snacking or going without during the day and having a big meal at night so the kids had three meals, because we couldn't afford to do otherwise, and even though I shop around for bargains, stockpile specials, and always go to the farmer's market for veggies and fruit, we still are really struggling. The healthy food just costs so much and the cheap healthy food goes off too quickly in the Townsville heat - it even manages it in the fridge somehow! How I wish the federal government thought my husband's life was worth more than $42K a year...

October 17th 2012

Okay so after the debacle that was last week's iron crash in which I only managed to get out of bed to eat, go for one walk to woolies, and do a half arsed Chiball session, I'm back! Now last Wednesday I weighed in at 74.8kg, a loss of 600g, and this week I am down to 74.3, so another 500g down. Slow and steady wins the race!

October 3rd 2012

Another good news Wednesday! I was surprised because admittedly I've been slack this last week, and my iron has crashed to the point I struggle to lift my kids, so it's been lots of yoga and light house work.  another 600g down but oh so many more to go! I don't know if I will sign up for round 4, simply because I can't afford it coming into Christmas, but also because I am hoping that by the end of this round I will have all the tools, knowledge, and the confidence to sucessfully keep this up on my own. If not, then there's always round 1 next year! Hubby will be away for almost all of it so it would be perfect!

Here's to half way!

September 26th 2012

Weigh in Wednesday again and I'm only down 600g this week. To be frank, I really don't think anything under a kilo counts, I mean you can lose 600g just by having a good bowel movement. BUT progress is progress I guess!

September 25th 2012

So I tried out my Chiball yesterday and it was so awesome! I have never felt so relaxed, it took an hour and I didn't even notice! Today my body definitely knows it has worked out too - my abs are actually sore for a change and not a single sit up or crunch was done. Definitely getting a couple more colours and DVDs!

September 24th 2012

Finally back online! So lucky I printed the recipes for last week because otherwise I would've been winging it big time! Bad news as the geocaching trip ended up not going ahead due to a couple of emergencies and so we will have to postpone it :( BUT super excited to try out my Chiball pack that arrived today! I kind of wish I didn't get a eucalyptus scented one because it gives me massive headaches, but luckily on closer inspection it hardly has much scent to it. If it goes well though they are only $15 so I will definitely invest in others!

September 19th 2012

So weigh in Wednesday is here again and I am over the moon! Another kilo down, 27.8cm lost in total, and I am no longer in the obese range! To top it all off my blog made it into Mish's top 20 and I am just so proud of myself today! I rewarded myself with a new pair of workout pants from Mish's range and guess what - size 10! I can do this, I will do this, I will win because losing is not an option!

September 14th 2012

So yesterday wasn't the best. The physio told me this big long list of exercises I shouldn't be doing which includes pretty much all kinds of lunges, and almost all kinds of squats. My injury is compensatory to my old ankle and knee injuries from long ago, as well as my flat feet. So now I have a billion and one stretches and extra strengthening moves for my ankles and knees. But I hope that eventually if I keep with my strengthening work, that one day I won't have to worry about these things anymore! For now though, I just have to grit my teeth and JFDI!

September 12th 2012

Weigh in Wednesday! I have a love hate relationship with Wednesday, but today I was very happy. It looks like I've lost about 1-1.5kg, but on my dial scales it's pretty hard to tell exactly. I really should get digital ones, but in a way, the dial scales make me work harder to see the change because it has to be bigger to register. I've also lost 1cm off my tummy, 3cm off each leg, and 1cm off only my left arm which is quite frankly a bit peculiar... Right. Time to get the kids up and JFDI!

September 11th 2012

Really quite proud of myself today for getting up, and even though I was sore, and tired, and didn't feel like it at all, I JFDI anyway. I only got to 203 calories burned but I'm trying to take it easy on my hip until I get to the physio so it was an upper body and abs only workout, and I think it's still better than nothing. In other news I discovered a suspicious burn on my arm...I have no idea where it came from but I am starting to become concerned that perhaps I am sleep cooking, eeek!

September 10th 2012

So I woke up this morning and the pain is still there, and a bit worse! Today is cardio day, so I am going to have to find something to do! I'm thinking of doing my stretch day today to see if it helps. Either way, I need to JFDI!

Later that day....

I did it. I managed to find something to do, and while my abs and arms hate me now, it's for their own good, and the good of the whole. Also entered my little blog here in to Mish's blogging comp - eek! I don't know if I'm on topic, but I like to think I am. I think I might also add a list of links to other bloggers too. I have been meaning to do it for a while but I struggled so much setting up this one that it seemed a bit in the too hard basket!

September 9th 2012

I knew it would happen sooner or later because I am the queen...of hurting myself. I did my SSS yesterday in the form of housework and yardwork (and burned 1045 calories!) but somewhere between the mowing and mopping, and scrubbing and picking up dog poop, my hip has taken damage. I've never hurt my hip before, so I'm in virgin territory. Of course my natural go to would be swimming, but with hubby away for 10 days, it's not going to happen. On the plus side, him being away will help me stick with my diet, and I don't have to worry about meals he doesn't like! Bring it on week 3, me and my manky hip are waiting for your best shot!

September 5th 2012

So weigh in Wednesday and I have worked so hard this last week and yet have nothing to show for it. The scales have not budged one bit and I was so shattered this morning when I saw them. I measured myself again though and I have actually lost size, so I guess I can't complain about that but it would be nice to have lost weight. SO FRUSTRATING.

August 28th 2012

Wow, I made it through day one! Was super hard coming off the back of 3 weeks holiday ending Saturday, but hubby being away this week is definitely a good thing! I gained back the weight I lost in July on holidays but it was holidays, and we went to Brissy to celebrate my daughters' first birthday. Luckily we took them to Australia Zoo that day and according to my pedometer I walked over 13km around the zoo! That place is huge!

The day one workout kicked my ass big time, especially the push ups! I felt like my shoulders were actually about to dislocate! Maybe I should get that checked... Anyway, on to day two, toning! My friend is lending me a DVD for today so we shall see how we go!

On the food front I switched out the berry bruschetta (ricotta/cottage cheese is an adjective for vaginal discharge, not a food!) for the bacon and egg roll and yum! The beef sanga was also great, and although I was skeptical of the fish stew, I was pleasantly surprised and can't wait to have the leftovers for lunch today!

July 25th 2012

So I am doing well with this whole, water thing. It still tastes awful. I lost 1.5kgs that day I resisted McDonalds too! I also fixed the $20 exercise bike I bought off Gumtree with a safety pin. Just call me Macgyver! Now I just need to get a new seat for it because the one it has is nothing short of PAINFUL. Does anyone know if I can just get a normal bike seat and screw it on the exercise bike?

July 19th 2012

I am very proud of myself today for resisting the call of the golden arches and going home to have a healthy lunch instead! One of our warm up tasks is to make a small change, and one of Mish's snip tips is not to confuse hunger and thirst, so I am trying to kill two birds with one stone and simply drink more water. So far I am halfway through my 1.5L water bottle, so lets see if I can get through it!

Cuss I hate the taste (or lack there of) of water...

July 15th 2012

I am all officially signed up! Very exciting! Now getting started with my first warm up task - make a meal plan. Not a struggle since we plan dinners already, but definitely a struggle seeing as its the few days before payday and supplies are low! Might leave it to start Thursday when we have food again! At least I can figure out the times and try and eat something then!

July 3rd 2012

Starting to get really excited for the end of the month, and getting the money together to sign up. I also scored a $20 exercise bike off of Gumtree and the best thing about it? It's made for short people! Winning.

Decided to go for a walk to the shops today to take back some mail that's not ours and get the ingredients for a delicious panang curry. Its a 2.5km round trip and its a mild yet perfectly sunny day here in Townsville, so its perfect for a stroll with my munchkins.


  1. Hi Jo,
    Already loving your posts. What a great idea. Lots to read and enjoy. Re shapewear, shape wear slips solve the problems for short people but sadly have a bra fitted within. OK for those 5 footers with little in the chest department but not so much for those DDers. It certainly was the best of days to get out and about today. Looking forward to reading your blog throughout Round 3.

  2. Hi Jo,
    Re the taste of water - I sometimes cut up some lemon or lime and add it to a jug of water just to give it a bit of taste. Just be careful though heard from a friend that too much of this can strip some of the enamel from your teeth. Don't know how much truth there is in that but my teeth seem ok so far. love the pst re shoes and no it is not embarrassing to have your own shoe party!!

  3. Thanks Ryn! Shapewear is also really difficult up here in the heat, if you can find it you might die from heat exhaustion while wearing it! I've tried lemon and lim ein the water but it gives me heartburn/acid reflux, so I'll stick with the benefiber it seems to be working!